Garrol Gayden "Rachel Cohen" (2015) Ink on paper

Garrol Gayden "Rachel Cohen" (2015) Ink on paper


What is NAP Projects?

We're a gallery without a permanent home that specifically represents and promotes artists who work in non-traditional contexts.

Which means what, exactly?

The artists we support are often forgotten in the mainstream art world because of disability, age, illness, or any other factor that prevents them from pursuing their art professionally on their own.

How do you find artists?

Right now we are only representing the artists of LAND Gallery, a studio for artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We hope to expand to other studio programs and individual creators who can use our support.

What do you do for artists?

Like any gallery would, we make sure our artists gain exposure through art fairs, special exhibits, and special partnerships. We protect their rights while ensuring they are compensated for their work.

Who is behind NAP Projects?

NAP is a dream brought to life for founder and director Rachel Cohen, who was previously Art Therapist/Program Coordinator for LAND. Rachel currently works with individuals throughout the five boroughs as a teaching artist at MoMA and the American Folk Art Museum.