Carlo Daleo

b. 1961

Brooklyn, NY

Carlo Daleo was born in 1961 in Elmhurst, Queens. After a short stint living on Long Island, he moved back to New York City’s Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn with his family in 1964. Daleo has been attending LAND since its inception in 2005. He is a talented draftsman, painter, writer, animator and voiceover artist. Daleo started making art at the age of five following two pop culture tragedies: the unfortunate car accident injuring Jan Berry and the death of Walt Disney. Daleo decided he wanted to continue the legacy of Disney and other cartoonists like Hanna-Barbera and DePatie-Freleng. Daleo’s interests and aesthetic influences are incredibly diverse, including Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Soupy Sales, New York City cultural institutions, newscasters, and local librarians.