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 Jonathan Putz  Miss Piggy  Mixed media on wood

Jonathan Putz Miss Piggy Mixed media on wood

 Michael Pellew  Marilyn Manson  Acrylic on wood

Michael Pellew Marilyn Manson Acrylic on wood

Fortnight Institute is pleased to host Antifurniture Store, an East Village bookstore and art shop assembled by Nelson Harst of @antifurniture. The store will feature myriad objects created by over 20 artists in diverse mediums, including artist books, lamps, drawing, painting, speculative furniture, fabrics, small sculpture, bronze casts, clothing, ceramics, and more. In addition, the store will also feature Antifurniture Editions, a series of small-edition books, garments, and other objects designed by Nelson Harst and Nikki Igol along with collaborators.

Antifurniture Store is an experimental environment, an art-object landscape, a retail exhibition. Detailed price list available on request.

Fortnight Institute, Aug 2-Sep 5, 2018

60 East 4th Street

New York, NY, 10003

    • Arno Beck EIDA
    • Al Freeman Lee Freeman Susumu Kamijo Kashina
    • LilKool
    • Dan Mandelbaum
    • Anthony Miler
    • @onapinkplanet
    • Michael Pellew
    • Silvia Prada
    • Pacific
    • Jonathan Putz
    • The Queens Bindery
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    • Andy Robertson
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    • Sarah Zap

    Christine Lewis Charleston, South Carolina (2017) Pencil on paper, 19"x24"

    Different things around the world

    Christine Lewis

    LAND Gallery, June 14-August 14, 2018

    Opening reception June 14, 5-8pm

    Land Gallery is pleased to present Christine Lewis’s first solo exhibition in New York City, Different Things Around the World. Different Things Around the World is a collection of drawings that depict architecture both real and imagined in both foreign and domestic locales.

    Lewis sources photographs that inspire her, using them as a launching point for her ideas. These sources range from photography books to magazines and local publications. She looks for images that grab her attention, irrespective of locale or source. A picture of rowhouses in Charleston, South Carolina in Metro New York inspired one drawing in this series. In Lewis’s words, upon seeing the image, “I thought, this is so exciting—I have to draw this. The texture, the colors… pop out at you.” Lewis’s approach is not merely mimicry, however. She says, “I look for things that are unique and different. I don’t just copy out of a newspaper or magazine; I like to make [the image] my own.” In her work Jamaica, a photography book she found on a family trip to Jamaica gave rise to a drawing that transforms the surrounding landscape and her very subject matter. A local house is reimagined as a sacred space, with the inclusion of stained glass windows and a prismatic sky to complement them.

    For New York-born Lewis, the driving force of this show is an idea of escapism. Her inspiration is, “Places that I’ve never been to before, but I can see how they look on paper. It’s nice to think of what it could be like to go there one day.”

    LAND Gallery

    67 Front Street

    Brooklyn, NY 11201

    (917) 670-9322