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future cats career box

NAP Projects presents FUTURE CATS CAREER BOX, a look at six artists united through their bold, energetic use of line. Opening August 22nd and running through September 9th, FUTURE CATS CAREER BOX includes works on paper from James Rosa, Jamie Berube, Linda Haskell, and Garrol Gayden, paintings by Jesus Salas, and ceramic works from Sara Malpass.

FUTURE CATS CAREER BOX seeks to answer the timeless question: what are words, shapes, and lines without the meaning we assign to them? How do we create order in our own lives? Garrol Gayden’s layers of text meld into renderings of his lifelong love, Coney Island, at times becoming opaque and unreadable. Sara Malpass’s ceramic wall text pieces present the artist’s own words in her own hand, and the viewer is open to interpret each text in the way that they please. James Rosa’s geometric drawings show an appreciation and careful consideration of composition, and are reminiscent of vintage TV sets, radios, and other simplified machinery. For Jesus Salas, lists of numbers layered over abstract paintings become an attempt to record and order his surrounding environment. Making his New York debut, Jamie Berube’s Towers of Colors series are reminiscent of DNA strands, and the lists and drawings on the reverse of each work show this ordering system applied in text. Linda Haskell transforms existing imagery into a frenzy of line and tone, as seen in her Horses series.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, James Rosa (b. 1965) and Garrol Gayden (b. 1960) work at LAND Gallery. Linda Haskell (b. 1957) works out of Tampa, FL’s Pyramid, Inc. Art Center and Jamie Berube (b. 1991) hails from State College, PA. Jesus Salas (b. 1991) and Sara Malpass (b.1967) are both members of NIAD Art Center in Richmond, CA. 

Brooklyn, NY-based NAP Projects, established in 2017, represents and promotes artists who work in non-traditional contexts, from studio-day habilitation programs to community workshops and beyond. 



August 22nd– September 8th, 2018

Opening reception August 22nd, 6-9pm

191 Henry St.

New York, NY

Open Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6


For more information contact NAP Projects at info@napprojects.com.

Image: Jamie Berube, Untitled(n.d.), Mixed media on paper, 8.5x11” Courtesy of the artist and NAP Projects.

 Robert Latchman  Garrol Gayden  (2016) Acrylic on paper, 24x18"

Robert Latchman Garrol Gayden (2016) Acrylic on paper, 24x18"

The Bridge! The Bridge!

A solo show of the works of Robert Latchman

August 30th - October 27, 2018

LAND Gallery

67 Front St.

Brooklyn, NY 11205

 Raquel Albarran  A Pregnant Chubby Baby with Fruits Around It ( 2018) Pencil on paper, 19x24"

Raquel Albarran A Pregnant Chubby Baby with Fruits Around It (2018) Pencil on paper, 19x24"

Amputation Farm

Raquel Albarran at Fortnight Institute.

October 18 - November 18, 2018

60 East 4th St. NYC 10003